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Refund and Return

Refunds can be issued in the following cases:

- You have problems with installation and they cannot be solved by our support team during a long period of time.

- Software cannot be downloaded due to technical issues.

-You do not need the software (applies only in case if the software has not been downloaded) - software does not work properly (You should send a screen shot of the error, so we can figure out the problem) and it has not been fixed by the Support team; 

-If the same software has been ordered more than one time by mistake.

Refunds can be processed within one week (this is a minimal period). As you should know, money transfers between the banks takes time (4-7 business days), so, please, be patient.

After you receive your refund you must delete all software and files that you received and your license will be blocked.
Refunds will be issued if you provide us with a copy of your invoice and the keys are unused.